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    New products at good prices in the latest catalogue of upholstered furniture


    It's hard to imagine a living room without a comfortable sofa, a recreational set or a corner sofa. Functional upholstered furniture is also perfectly suited for other domestic areas, such as the dining room or the bedroom.

    Black Red White among the 200 largest companies in the “Wprost” ranking


    The company was put on the weekly “Wprost” list of 200 largest Polish enterprises. With revenues of 1,631 million z? in 2014, and a net worth of 2,751 million z?, the company was ranked 76th.

    Black Red White with Superbrands 2014/15 statuettes


    On May 20th, 2015, representatives of Black Red White received the Superbrands 2014/15 statuettes. The Grand Final Superbrands Gala summarized the 9th Polish edition of the competition.

    The Black Red White company on the 500 List

    The Black Red White company is on the 500 List – the ranking of the best Polish companies prepared by the daily “Rzeczpospolita”. The brand was ranked on 200th place, with sales revenues of 1 630 539 thousand z?, thereby advancing by one place compared to last year.

    New 2015 Catalogue


    Inspiring arrangements, ready systems, as well as a brand new collection systems - now all the elements can be found in one place - the new Black Red White 2015 Catalogue. The catalogue starts with the slogan: "My Planet. Home. " and that is what we drove us while preparing the latest publication.

    Black Red White continually expanding its network of partner showrooms and refreshing the existing retail stores


    The map of Black Red White partner showrooms has been expanded to include new points in Zakopane and K?trzyn. In April, the company also carried out renovations of stores in Jarocin, Pisz, Brzeg  Dolny, Ciechanów, Pas??k and Nowa Sól. The effects of modernization can also be seen in kitchen studios in Jastrz?bie Zdrój, Warsaw and P?ock. Now the residents of these areas have even more original inspirations to furnish their homes at their fingertips!

    Optimized partner showrooms in Grudzi?dz, M?awa, Mońki and Nowy Tomy?l


    Further Black Red White partner showrooms undergo metamorphosis to present customers with an attractive furniture offer in a more interesting way. Visitors will notice changes in showrooms in Grudzi?dz, M?awa, Mońki and Nowy Tomy?l, where the shop exhibitions have been thoroughly renovated.

    New showrooms in Brodnica and Augustów and refreshed kitchen studios in Opole, Sosnowiec and Ko?le


    Completely new partner showrooms have been opened in Brodnica and Augustów, while in the stores in Sosnowiec, Ko?le and Opole the kitchen studios have been modernized. Black Red White not only gradually refreshes its partner stores, but also opens further stores that help buyers access a full range of products.

    The metamorphosis of the showroom in B?dzin


    One of the twelve largest Black Red White showrooms underwent a complete exhibition renovation. The refreshed store in B?dzin offers customers even more interesting ideas for interior design and a brand new communications system, which facilitates shopping. The opening of the showroom is accompanied by a promotional offer - up to 30% cheaper and 30 instalments of 0%!

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